In 2023 SERMAG obtained the ISCC Plus certification, issued by the Italian certification body IIP, the Italian Plastics Institute.

ISCC is one of the most famous and recognized certifications in the world, it has created schemes that have become the reference for everything related to renewable energy, sustainability, packaging, food and chemical products.

ISCC Plus is the scheme dedicated to bio materials, the circular economy and everything produced with renewable energy.

Certification can be obtained by recyclers, transformers, traders and end users, this is because the scheme is based on the certification and control of the entire supply chain. In order for a product to be ISCC Plus certified, all upstream transformation phases must be ISCC certified, thus guaranteeing the same standards for the entire production chain.

Only those materials that are upstream recycled, treated and transformed by ISCC certified plants can be ISCC Plus certified, for this reason only polypropylene and high density polyethylene, both with PCR origin, have been included.

SERMAG has included the registered trademarks RIPLASTENE™ and PCRPOMIX™ in the certification.

It is a very important milestone for Sermag, considering the complexity of the certification scheme and the level of standards required.

The certification process that SERMAG has started in recent years conveys great transparency to its customers who consciously choose to purchase recycled raw materials in preference to virgin ones, knowing that they are purchasing safe, analyzed products with high quality standards.