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Recycled Polyethylene

RILETILENE™ brand is dedicated to polyethylene-based secondary raw materials, mainly LDPE (Low Density Poly-Ethylene).

These products belong to the category of Secondary Raw Materials (MPS) and are regulated according to the Italian Standard UNI 10667-2 and the European Standard EN 15344.

For each batch of product belonging to the RILETILENE™ brand, the history and the recycling path are guaranteed thanks to the SERMAG traceability system which follows the directives of the European Standard EN 15343 and which has also been certified by the Italian certifier CSI IMQ Group.

The base material used in RILETILENE™ products come from PIR (post-industrial recycling) chain, it is a regenerated polymer, an ex-waste that has been subjected to treatments specific to be reintroduced into the market.

According to the type of starting material, RILETILENE™ products can be in the form of densified or granules.

Riletilene polipropilene PE film


Secondary raw material obtained from low density polyethylene (LDPE) film scraps of post industrial origin (PIR), intended for extrusion of films or sheets.

100% PIR recycled product.

Riletilene polietilene PE film


Secondary raw material obtained from post-industrial recycled waste (PIR) in polyethylene and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) destined for extrusion of films or sheets.

100% PIR recycled product.