Plastica Seconda Vita

In 2022 SERMAG has obtained the “Plastica Seconda Vita” certification, issued by the italian certified body IIP.

The certification concerns all of the materials that are a direct result of a recycling operation performed by either authorized waste treatment plants or by plants that are certified “Plastica Seconda Vita” as well.

All of Sermags 100% recycled Secondary Raw Materials have been certified, more specifically the brands RIMAGLENE™, RILETILENE™ e RIPLASTENE™, that are differentiated by the origin of the material, industral waste (IW) or waste sorting (WS).

By-products with the brand BYSERPLENE™ have also been certified, applying a different specific dedicated regulation from the one used for Secondary Raw Materials.

For the techincal compounds patented RINNO-V-ENE™ it has been issued a certification with minumun 60% of recycled material form pre or post consumer.

On the occasion of the renewal audit in October 2023, the PPCRPOMIX™ family was added to the certification which includes recycled HDPE granules for blowing and filming.

IIP has issued four different certifications, respectively for:

  • 100% recycled plastic from idustrial waste;
  • 100% recycled plastic from waste sorting;
  • By-products in plastic;
  • Products with variable percentage of of recycled material from pre or post consumer;

The certification process that Sermag has been following for five years, communicates transparency to its clients that consciously choose to purchase raw recycled materials instead of virgin raw material. Knowing that they are purchasing products that are certified, safe, analyzed and with high standard quality.