Remade In Italy

In 2022 SERMAG has obtained the “Remade in italy” certification, issued by the italian certified body RINA.

“Remade in italy” is an enviromental certification of the product that allows to declare the content of recycled material or by-products, express in percentage, inside a material, in which at least one relevant phase of the production process took place in Italy.

The certification scheme requires the predisposition of a traceability plan for materials and flows within the company, the constant check of the suppliers and the classification of the incoming materials. By doing so we can guarantee maximum transparency, the correctness of all passages and the care in the process.

SERMAG has included in the certification the registered brands RIPLASTENE™, RILETILENE™, RIMAGLENE™, for the 100% recycled Secondary Raw Material, classified A+ according to the “Remade in Italy” standard.

The by-products BYSERPLENE™ have been classified A+, meaning with 100% recovered material.

The products with the brand RINNO-V-ENE™ have also been certified by RINA and classified A. The certification guarantees the use of minumum 60% of recycled material in the compounds TPE-O and TPO.

On the occasion of the renewal audit in October 2023, the PCRPOMIX™ family was added to the certification which includes recycled HDPE granules for blowing and filming.

The certification process that Sermag has been following for 4 years, communicates transparency to its clients that consciously choose to purchase raw recycled materials instead of virgin raw material. Knowing that they are purchasing products that are certified, safe, analyzed and with high standard quality.